Learn from Created for Connection Co-Author, Kenny Sanderfer, as well as Co-Founder of inRelationship and the inRelationship podcast, Lindsey Castleman. 


One Friday a month starting in June 2022 and ending in November 2022, Kenny and Lindsey will walk you through an important topic about faith, Jesus and EFT.  Then, you will have process time with other therapists in the EFT community (and beyond!). This whole experience will start at 11:30am CT and end at 1pm. 

June 17th * July 22nd  *  August 19th  * September 9th * October 7th *  November 11th

Join us today!  Only $150 for all 6 months if you register by June 1st.  Then it will change to $175  

Fun facts:  As a member, you will have access to all current and past recordings, as well as a list of other members that you can connect with. So good news! Even if you cannot make the exact date and time that month, you can still listen in later. The content will be easily accessible for you!


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